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“Are there any Lovers in the audience!?”

Posted on Feb 27, 2013 | 2 comments


Many many moons ago when i was a sprog photographer with long hair and an air about me that said ‘i’m an arrogant upstart thats just found my artistic streak’. I got my first lucky entry into the industry to snap my first full on Rock Festival, Gig on the Green/dubai 2003 organised by MMI events. It was at the time ‘My Wembley’. Arriving by ‘golf cart’ on the day, I could see it was going to be no glastonbury, but who cares when you had such an amazing line up!

Brett anderson, Letting off some steam!

Brett anderson, Letting off some steam!


The main head liner Acts were Dexy’s midnight runners, Fun loving Criminals, Stateside Hombres and my favourite headliner act of all time SUEDE – Best performance i’ve ever seen in concert.

Ten years on or so i still pay testament to this, they being ‘Suede’, were one of my favourite bands growing up but i really wasn’t prepared for the amazing energy they vented out to the crowd. Issues had arisen before their performance, when Fun loving criminals lovingly trashed the drum kit on stage amongst other things which made an already behind schedule festival even more so… By the time the guys got on stage there must have been only 200+ people, left over from thousands that were there previously.

suede - gig on the green

not sure if he was trying to kick me

They were angry and ready to unleash a hell of a performance for us lucky few hardcore left over(it had been a long day in the sun for most), Brett anderson crashing onto stage and screaming “Are there any lovers in the audience!!?” stuck in my head for some reason as those unsure about the question looked around at each other but cheered anyway .Unknowingly the crowd cheered one of their last performances on before they finally broke up a month or two later

My core work these days are more corporate,hotels and industrial and i am very happy with that but i’m allowed a little nostalgia every now and then 😉

Useful Advice for snappers shooting concerts: Wear ear plugs, stay off the beer until the end, find the bands manager and be nice. (feel free to ignore all three apart from the 3rd one 😉

Technically – Watch your shutter speeds vs focal length of lens to keep images sharp. Look for unusual angles that can be cropped and used for the organisers marketing campaign later.

No my mate, Nugzta was rocking out!

My mate, Nugzta was rocking out! Stateside stylie


I don’t want to turn this into a gallery, but i thought i’d add on a few of my favourite Rock moments onto this photoblog:

Rock n roll doesn't support Weight watchers

Rock n roll doesn’t support Weight watchers



Backstage with suede, i cut a deal with the manager

Backstage with suede, i cut a deal with the manager

Wonderstuff at the irish village



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