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Shooting Hollaphonic

Posted on Feb 25, 2013 | 0 comments

The next best thing to come on the Dance Music Scene

The biggest thing to come on the dance music scene to date tornado’d through the studio a few weeks ago before the release of their First released single ‘I Don’t Want It To End’ which has since shot to no1 on the iTunes charts. They are the first Dance music artists to be signed in the middle east by EMI which is a great pioneering achievement for them.

Waiting for the two Dj’s pre shoot, quite a lot goes through the mind, will there be massive egos? will our chemistry work? will they be partially deaf? Safe to say when Greg and Olly showed up cool, collected with a great sense of humour i knew it was going to be a lot of fun and it was.

It was a Three light set up for simplicity sake, when photographing two people together i always keep the lights basic so i can change and tweak it easily and concentrate on what they’re doing. It’s amazing what you can do with a couple of lights, a blank wall and shed loads of personality!

Listen to their music and buy it on itunes! and check out their facebook page.

The chemistry was obviously there

The chemistry was obviously there


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