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Stormy Sri Lankan Sunsets

Posted on Feb 26, 2013 | 1 comment

Seascape photography in monsoon conditions


If there is one thing I really love in this life it’s sea/landscape photography and doing it for myself increases the pleasure. Above is a photograph of a day where it all came together, in a stormy and dramatic manner.

Most people think of going to the tropics and getting touristic blue skies and ocean shots with lush green palm trees and for me that’s just a bit too bland, a bit too clichéd. Obviously if I am commissioned to do it, that’s what I’ll give but this was my own time we’re talking about.

From my point of view where I was standing for the shot on some massive boulders above the sea at a secret location that I can’t divulge (mainly because I can’t quite remember!) a seascape was coming ALIIIVE! The wind was howling, the waves were crashing below us and my camera was getting rather wet and so was I, but at least it was making it a special event.

Being a landscape photographer means you always have to wait around and all the drama of the weather helped me focus, so I had no time to think about anything else apart from what was going on at the scene.

Keeping the tripod on its lowest height setting possible, your meter readings, shutter speeds, apertures and composition all have to be taken seriously on days like these. Minimum light, big waves you want to make a little ghostly, seriously dark clouds and bright highlights that come through when a few rays of the sun make it through add a nice touch to a very dark scene.

30 second exposure at f13

30 second exposure at f13

I was there in June which was monsoon time on the beaches on the West side of the Island escaping the Dubai heat, but you still can get plenty of ‘nice’ weather if you’re into that sort of thing.

Staying at the aptly named Sri Lankashire Guest House in Bentota was my first and best choice. The guys really did take care of me with great hospitality, whilst showing me around some of the better locations at whatever fool hardy time I wanted to go out to take the photos I felt I needed, along with some much needed refreshment!

Last shot of the day, spotted the scene when walking back to our tuk tuk

Last shot of the day, spotted the scene when walking back to our tuk tuk


1 Comment

  1. Mahalo Seany Sean!

    Your pictures are awesome – waves out the back? Yeah I see em. Lefts, rights, A frames … Reminds me of a time when I was waxing my board. What a day that was. Keep taking those hot shots brother and I’ll keep up my base tan. See ya ya f-Ing surfer …

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